First National Census of Community-Based Development Organizations since 2005

NACEDA commissioned the Urban Institute to conduct this survey, which includes questions about community-based development organizations' production, programs, leadership, needs, and services. 

Read the full report for an in-depth understanding of the findings.

Check out the fact sheet for a quick overview of key highlights and essential takeaways.

 The survey results provide the data that the community development sector needs to:

  • Increase awareness of the vital role that community-based development organizations play in implementing projects in underserved communities and communities of color.

  • Highlight their critical role in the community economic development system.

  • Inform federal policymakers about how they can support community-based development organizations.

  • Spotlight the ways they advance racial equity locally and within the broader community development system.

  • Sustain ongoing, actionable research in the community development field.

  • Create strategies for resource holders to develop better investment strategies.

  • Gain the support and trust of community-based development organizations and the communities they serve.

Community-Based Development Organizations are private, nonprofit, community-based organizations that 1) develop housing, commercial, industrial or community facilities, or 2) support business development. Their work generally involves projects and programs aimed at improving the lives of lower-income people or the communities they live in. Organizations that provide social services and also do development are included in this survey.

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A big thank you to our Grounding Values Advisory Committee, whose time, support, and expertise have made this project possible.

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