Healthy Places 

Community development addresses the root causes of health disparities in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.  Affordable homes, grocery stores in food deserts, community centers with workforce development programs, and small business support are just some of the ways that community developers improve health and well-being. Community developers are partnering with healthcare and public health organizations to improve health are partnering with community developers to support health and well-being in the communities we serve. Nonprofit hospitals' regulatory and financial structures provide incentives for these partnerships.

Community Economic Development & Healthcare PlaybookGuide for Partnering to Create Career Pathways 

Developed by NACEDA and Build Healthy Places Network, the Community Economic Development & Healthcare Playbook provides strategies, on-the-ground examples, a 4-step pathway to partnerships to create career paths in disinvested communities, and a look at systemic changes that advance racial justice.

The playbook showcases strategies that are working to support local entrepreneurs, create training and career pathways, leverage capital for local health facilities, improve access to healthy food, and leverage assets from health institutions. Watch the recording of our webinar introducing the playbook. Carey Rothschild of Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, Ricardo Leon of Metro West Community Development Organization, and Miranda Rodriguez, LISC LA discussed partnerships that are highlighted in the playbook.

Get More Information about Health Partnerships

Access toolkits, case studies, and other resources to partner with sectors: 

BHPN 2018 Playbook

Partnerships for Health Equity and Opportunity: A Healthcare Playbook for Community Developers helps you identify potential healthcare partnerships, determine readiness, leverage your assets, and create a partnership roadmap.

Our partners at Build Healthy Places Network provide practical tools to help you identify potential partners, understand each other's jargon, explain the health-related value of community development work, and measure and describe the impact of your programs, as well as sharing best practices. 


PACDC MagVital Signs: The Intersection of Health & Community Development shows how collaborations are working on the ground in Philadelphia neighborhoods. Get perspectives from doctors, healthcare institutions, community activists, and community development corporations in this magazine produced by the Philadelphia Association of Community Economic Development Associations, a NACEDA member.